Bianca is a German and Spanish international recruiter with Spanish nationality and South African roots. She describes herself as a very honest and open person. She travelled a lot younger, she was born in Spain and then moved and didn’t stop. From Spain to South Africa, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Norway. She did an apprenticeship in the restaurant and hotel industry where she also worked for 6 years. However, she worked in many different sectors, from Restaurant and Hotel to Guest Service Center, in a hair salon, in a Chinese bank, in radio, in a telecommunications company which gave her a good understanding of the workforce and recruitment in all its forms.


She ended up in Oslo in March 2020,  just before the pandemic. She spent 2-3 years in Norway when she was a child. With her husband, they were planning on settling down and they wanted a better work life balance and a good country to have children in and that’s why they chose Norway. She chose recruitment to help people, as she travelled a lot, she knows all about moving abroad, and how beautiful the experience can be, therefore she is the best to advise our candidates. On top of that, her language skills allow her to bond with so many persons. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her son, dog and husband. They go for long walks/hikes. When she by herself she likes to paint, sing and dance.