Senior Frontend Engineer (ReactJS I NodeJS) for an iGaming marketing and web agency in Malta

Posted 20 October 2021
Job type SEED - Permanent
DisciplineFrontend Development
Contact NameDiāna Beļska

Job description

Senior Frontend Engineer (ReactJS I NodeJS) for a iGaming marketing and web agency in Malta

  • Be part of the companies' adventure, as a key moment in terms of growth & opportunities
  • You will work on our upcoming innovative features that will be used worldwide at a large scale through our major brands
  • Build and take ownership on new features

This company is marketing and web agency behind all the fastest growing affiliates of the iGaming industry. Companies' objective is to deliver the best enjoyable experiences by improving the overall standards in an ageing market providing help on all the key points of a successful web business (design, development, marketing and communication).

Companies' objective is to help delivering rich and targeted content so players can:

  • Gamble responsibly and be more informed about how the casino world works
  • Follow key news such as game releases, major company actions, and much more

If you are proficient in Frontend technologies and willing to be involved in Backend I Full-stack operations let's have a chat about this amazing opportunity!


  • Develop new features in accordance with product, content, and SEO guidelines
  • Improve UI stability I UX experience by working on web primitives
  • Improve companies' mobile experience
  • Improve overall website performance (driven by Google key metrics: Website Core Vitals and lighthouse scores)
  • Working on unit and e2e testing processes


  • Expertise on TypeScript and React.js (knowledge on how React works and how to optimise every part of the code interfacing with the framework)
  • Experience with GraphQL (fragments, GraphQL codegen)
  • Experience using Next.js and knowing the framework limitations
  • Knowledge of a11y and i18n (domain routing)

Technologies to work with within the company:


  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS with NextJS (hooks + context API)
  • GraphQL with Urql (will be replaced with GraphQL Request + React Query)
  • TailwindCSS
  • Jest
  • Framer Motion for animations
  • React Aria / React Spectrum


  • NodeJS
  • Micro-services architecture using GraphQL with Apollo Server (schema stitching)
  • GraphQL Nexus
  • Prisma 2
  • RxJS
  • All the services are managed using a Nx Workspace mono-repository

Salary: up to 60,000 EUR (experience depending)


I specialise in Frontend Developers recruiting for IT Jobs Worldwide, if you wish to discuss this or other job opportunities, please feel free to contact me.