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We work with over 150 different companies!

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We work with over 150 different companies!

​​Yes, it is true!

We work with over hundred companies based throughout Europe. This is already a large network that we can be proud to share with you, giving us an excellent knowledge of different markets all over Europe.

From the sunny South to charming Eastern Europe, we are happy to match you with a vacancy in your dream location.

Some of our most attractive destinations are: Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar… while we also have so many destinations that are not widely known, but they would make an impression to anyone giving it a try. We have incredible clients in charming destinations such as Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland... and the list goes on.

So the question is: Where will your next exciting career step take you?

Since we offer different locations around Europe, we will have to understand your work experience and your reasons to move abroad, and we will be able to match you to the right job, and for the right client.

We have customer service and technical support occupations for most of the professional starters – this is perfect for you, if you have just finished your studies and are ready to start working, or if you simply enjoy communicating and helping others – in this industry, we have multiple options. For more specialized occupations – Accounting, Finance departments, Forex, Sales, Account Management – your background in education or professional experience will be an asset. We also have Marketing and Content Writer positions at our client companies – all of these will offer you a career path that only you will be the one to determine the outcome!

Plus, in each of the positions, you will be having the opportunity to use your own native language.Moving abroad will certainly get you out of the comfort zone, you will challenge yourself and last but not least, the international work experience will give you a great advantage in your CV! You will also get to know a different culture and learn to appreciate what you have either in that country, or back home, in all aspects. You will have great selection of opportunities when you work internationally.

We at Nordic Jobs Worldwide will make it possible for you to find a job abroad before you actually move – we will help you by providing advise on the cost of livings, advantages of the country, tips and what to expect ateach step of your recruitment process and interview with our clients. It will be a win-win-win situation for both our dear client companies, us and YOU, being our central focus.

Where would you like to go next?Lets make it happen together!