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Travelling vs Living abroad

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Travelling vs Living abroad

Today we want to give you a little insight about the difference between travelling and living abroad.
Our colleague Julie moved from Norway to Spain earlier this year and have written a blog post about how living abroad is different from travelling.

Have you ever thought about moving abroad for a longer period? Maybe you’ve already fallen in love with a place you could really see yourself relocating to? When we talk to candidates that are interested in working abroad, a common answer to «Why?» is the desire for new experiences, to get out of their home town and to meet new people. They might already have a passion for travelling but wants to experience the actual daily life in a foreign country. Even though both travelling and living abroad definitely will ensure new experiences, impressions, and challenges, travelling can be quite different from living abroad long-term.

Travelling is a fantastic opportunity to see a lot of places in a short amount of time. Even if you’re backpacking in Asia, Interrailing in Europe or on a one-week vacation in Mexico, travelling will allow you to visit new cities, explore famous and in-famous attractions and get an impression of the local culture, people, and lifestyle. It offers the opportunity to explore multiple places, and often involves the freedom of taking spontaneous decisions of changing directions and route. Living abroad is not as dynamic and high-paced as backpacking travelling, but might add more depth and inside-knowledge about the place you’re settling in. Living in a place long-term involves breaking the surface level of the city and deep dive into the culture, history, and society. You will probably get to know the streets of the city by heart and discover the hidden pearls and non-touristy attractions. You might meet friends for life and create a whole other life outside of your home-country.

Living abroad involves creating a second home, and definitely comes with challenges. «Where can I meet people», «How do I find an apartment? » and one of my personal biggest issues «Where is the sour-cream in the supermarket??». It may take time and effort finding the answers to these questions, but they are an essential part of building a life abroad. Travelling also comes with challenges, even though it’s not necessarily the same kind. I would say travelling involves more of the «temporary» questions that needs quick solutions. It can be «Where is the train station», «Should we go to Budapest or Amsterdam next? » or «Where can we meet fellow travelers for tonight? ». Especially backpack travelling can require lots of research when it comes to how to get around, where to go next, and what to do when you get there. Travelling definitely involves a lot of excitement, but it can also be tiring to constantly be on the move. Living abroad gives you the chance of exploring a new country all day long, but at the same time come home to your own, safe base in the evenings.

Both travelling and working abroad are fantastic ways to explore the world and take a big step out of your comfort zone. Travelling is great for seeing a lot of things in a short amount of time and can be a very effective way of visiting many countries or cities. Living abroad involves another way of exploring a new country, that will add another level of depth to the experience. Our mission in Nordic Jobs Worldwide is to make it possible for people to live and work abroad, because we believe there are many benefits of living abroad for a longer period. Whilst travelling offers constant new impressions and lots of freedom, moving to another country for a longer period can be the beginning of creating a second home, that you can re-visit for the rest of your life! And of course, you can always travel from your new home 😉