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How to write the perfect CV!

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How to write the perfect CV!


Let's talk about some tips and tricks on how to create a CV that can get you one step closer to getting your dream job!

Your CV is the first impression the recruiters get of you when you apply for a job. Right here you have the chance to catch the recruiter's attention and your CV can be the key to getting the chance to introduce yourself further to the company. Therefore it is worth putting some extra effort into writing a good CV. Show them who YOU are and what YOU can bring to the company!
Here below you will get tips from an inside perspective and some inspiration to write a perfect CV and increase your chances of getting the job you really want!

Having a well-structured CV is one of the keys to making a good first impression. Keep it clear, informative, and relevant to make it easy for the recruiter to go through. Use clear headings so that then the recruiter can get a quick overview of your experience and knowledge.
Tips: It can be nice to use a good pre-made template and add some personal character to the CV, that represents YOU. Then you can also get some inspiration regarding layout and adapt it to the company and position.

Design can help you stand out a bit from the other applicants. One way of doing it is to find nice templates online, that are not the regular black & white word document you fill out. Another way is to make it yourself from scratch, but that can be hard for many. Use an image of yourself on the CV, it helps to remember who you are. Try to have a professional image, not you at a party holding a drink. If you don’t have one, you can just take a new one, it’s maybe the easiest type of image to take.

Canva is a good place to find different CV templates for free. They also have a paid version that consists of more templates.
How the actual structure should look can vary depending on the positions you are applying for and what impression you would like to give. But some good headings to include are the following:

Start with the information on how the company can get in touch with you. Include at least your email and phone number. Always make sure that this is up to date, so the employers can reach you. By having this in the beginning, the recruiter can easily find the information.

It is always good to write a short introduction about yourself to catch the recruiter’s interest. Here you can highlight for example personal characteristics or something that shows that you could be a good match for the company. For example, if you are applying for a customer support position, you can mention that you enjoy talking to customers and helping people if that is the case.

Here you write the employment and also if it is relevant for the position you are applying for, your internships. This part should contain some description of the positions so that the employer can get a good understanding of what you have worked with before and your knowledge. Always start with the latest employment followed by the others in chronological order, so that the employer can get a good flow when reading your CV. Always include the Employer, your position, period of employment (month and year), and a short description of your responsibilities. Emphasize the responsibilities that are related to the position you are applying for. If you have had many jobs over the years, write a longer description of the jobs that relate most to the one you are applying for. It is also not needed to write a long essay on the paper delivery job you had when you were 14 years old.

Position, Company´s name
June XXXX – March XXXX
I worked with customer support through phone and email. I supported in questions regarding X and was also responsible for x.

This part should contain education. Even if is not completed it can still be of value to include this so that the employer can see if this has caused a gap in your work history.
It is good to include only high school and higher education if you have this. There is usually no need to include lower education if you have a high school degree, as these are the most relevant when applying for jobs. Start with the recent education and then chronologically mention the others.

Other headings:
You can also include other headings that can be relevant to your application. For example, “Language” is always a good heading to include as well as to what extent you speak the different languages. This can open up more job opportunities. Also “Computer knowledge” can be of value to mention if the company is looking for any specific IT knowledge. Include information of value for the position, this can increase your chances.

We hope that these tips and tricks were of value and will help you in your future job application! Let's go and write that CV and get that dream job!!!

If you are done making the CV, you can always send it to us if you are looking for jobs.

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