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The fashion industry could easily be described as; "The business of making and selling clothes". The industry is in many ways unique from other fields of manufacturing, mostly because it is ruled largely by the same intention as its end product: change. The fashion industry can be described in many ways, but the most special thing about the industry, is that it is actually based on the individuals who comprise it; from designers, to salespersons, models, it-designers, stores, factory workers - the list is long!

We do not usually have positions like designers, factory workers or similar. Often, we have jobs within a fashion brand or e-commerce company that selling fashion clothing online. Positions we often has is customer care positions or website moderator positions. The moderator positions could involve updating the website with new clothing, making images, etc. The customer care positions are positions where you answer customer enquiries and makes sure the customers are taken care of in a good way.

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