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Marketing is activities a company does to promote their company or their product/services. The clue of marketing is to reach out to the right audience, get their attention and finally get them to buy/use your product or service.

We have many partners that has a marketing team and many different marketing positions. These partners are located everywhere basically, but some companies have more use for marketing and also have more employees than others.

Malta is the hub for the iGaming industry. The companies working in the iGaming industry needs to convince their customers why they should use one betting website, instead of another. This is where Marketing comes in. Marketing helps them get more customers, that eventually makes them more money.

Some of the positions that we work with is handling content writing, SEO (search engine optimization), website, etc. We also have positions like – Head of Marketing.

If you have a background in marketing or wants to start your career within Marketing, check out our positions or contact one of our recruiters that can help you.