Frontend Developer iGaming in Malta

Posted 03 August 2021
Job type Permanent
DisciplineFrontend Development
Contact NameDanny Claridge

Job description

Our client is looking for a Senior Front End developer to join their team of passionate and skilled developers and QA Engineers. They are a multicultural and diverse team that share the same passion for Front End Development. They believe in friendship and collaboration, for them employees' teamwork and communication skills are the most important requirements. Together the company has managed 9800 production releases in 2020 and the platform has over 50 million transactions a day.  


Developers work together with QA Engineers, their Product Owner and an Agile Lead and are fully responsible for the products they build. Managers are focused on people and leadership. They pay specific attention to people's wellbeing, their mental health and stress management. In the 2020 Great Place to Work survey 100% said this is a great place to work.  


The team is developing micro-frontends to match the user experience model. The micro-frontends are built using the latest React & JavaScript methodologies. They leave Babel to transpile away the worry of older browser support. 


Performance is a priority so they keep an eye out for unnecessary re-renders, page reflows, and make use of lazy loading and progressive rendering to make sure the whole experience feels fast for the end user. Webpack is used for code splitting and for tree shaking to keep the bundle loading as small and efficient as possible. 


They have got k8s, Docker and Jenkins working to give them sandbox builds for easy feature testing, as well as being able to locally integrate the code to any of the sites it will be deployed on. A fantastic QA team run a host of Cypress auto tests in combination with manual testing, catching issues early and taking the stress out of deploying code to production. 


Sometimes they will use Redux, Jest/Enzyme, Storybook but the stack isn't written in stone, and they are always re-evaluating the best tools for the job. If one of them suggests a new technology with a good reason to use it, it will be genuinely considered. 



Your experience

  • You have great teamwork, communication and collaboration skills
  • 3 years plus experience with javascript development at production level
  • Worked with React, Angular or Vue
  • As an experienced JavaScript developer, you can drive technical solutions from design to production  
  • You are well-versed in modern web technologies and their application 

Salary competitive - 35k to 65k based on experience.

Contact: Danny Claridge, Email your CV