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The sales industry is an exciting, fast-paced and goal-driven market, ideal for candidates who enjoy speaking with people, have great persuasion skills, and want to grow within a bustling field. Sales includes both inbound and outbound sales, which require different skillsets and can be a perfect fit for different types of candidates. Working in inbound sales requires flexibility and quick-thinking, as customers will call to address a certain issue, and it will be up to the salesperson to shift the conversation towards a potential offer. Inbound sales requires candidates to be quick on their feet, able identify the needs of an existing customer before pitching them a relevant product or service, either through cross-selling or upselling. Outbound sales, on the other hand, focuses on cold and warm calling of potential clients. Candidates working in outbound sales must be comfortable doing outreach, jumping on the phone, and engaging high volumes of people on a daily basis, all while convincing customers to purchase a proposed product or service.


Professionally, the sales industry offers huge room for growth. In addition to inbound and outbound sales, candidates working in sales develop the skills and experience necessary to move into sales-adjacent roles such as Lead Generation, Marketing, Retention, Account Management, and Team Leader. And because the sales industry is so fast-paced, professional advancement within sales tends to occur much more quickly than in other industries.


Hybrid QA Team Lead for leading Forex Company in Larnaca, Cyprus

  • Larnaca
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